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Joe Biden Unauthorized



Mike on The National Pulse with Raheem Kassam - March 18, 2021 - Episode 30 Putin Humiliates Biden, and Natalie Winters Claims a SCALP! (w/Mike McCormick)

From the interview:

"Joe Biden was a really hard guy for our office to cover, because he was always volatile. Always speaking, always moving, always running around... he's not that guy anymore.

...Going to Putin's Russia in 2011 March, was a big move for him. that time Vladimir Putin was not the president of Russia... but the Prime Minister. The head guy was Medvedev, the President. ...Everyone considered him a temporary place-holder while Putin was constitutionally removed from office, and then Putin re-installed himself...
Barach Obama had just won the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Obama White House was flying high with the thought that they knew everything there was to know about the world. They had this misguided notion that they could go over to Russia and get Medvedev.... to nudge Putin out of the way, and then they could have a really great future together, the Obama White House and the Medvedev White House.

...They had this thing

back then called "The Reset..." it was this silly plastic red button. ...Hillary Clinton brought this prop out with a meeting she had with Foreign Minister Lavrov, "...this is for the Russian reset". But, he said, "you haven't got the word right." She had botched the translation. It was elemental, there were so many missteps...

Joe Biden was very proud about bragging about all of his foreign policy experience... one of the things he bragged about was that he was the guy who had coined the phrase "the reset," he coined it at the Munich Security Conference in 2009. So, he gets on this trip to Russian with Putin. And it's a big deal.

It is really a bigger deal than meeting with Medvedev... the big guy to meet, for him, was Putin. ...

Biden is going to go mano-a-mano, he was going to go one-on-one with the big guy. This is what he had in the back of his mind, this is what he said in the Stephanopoulos

interview, "I had in my mind what George W. Bush said... "I got a sense of his soul, I looked in his eyes and got a sense of his soul." ...Biden wanted to do his own version of that... he was going to one-up Bush...

...And I'll be honest with you ...Joe Biden back then was a very patronizing guy behind the scenes in the White House. I think in the back of his mind he also wanted to show up Barach Obama. Barach Obama ...had a very contentious meeting with Putin early on in his presidency. It was in Russia, and Putin, basically... for an hour or more... Obama [couldn't] even get a word in. ...He was raging about what Bush had done... that was explained to me on Air Force Two on the plane ride over. The Biden people were really focused on Biden having this great moment with Putin to show his international status...

From the interview with Mike at The National Pulse with Raheem Kassam

"Putin Humiliated Hapless Joe Biden at Official Meeting in 2011: Ex-White House Stenographer"

In the wake of the recent spat between the two Presidents, McCormick, in The National Pulse article, reignited the controversy surrounding the then Vice President Biden's trip to Moscow in 2011. Claiming that Putin humiliated Biden during the press conference, McCormick said that the incident was never reported by any media outlet."

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