Joe Biden Unauthorized
Joe Biden Unauthorized

About Mike McCormick

Mike McCormick recorded the words of presidents and vice presidents for fifteen years at the White House, travelling the world on Air Force One and Air Force Two, with and without the American press along, while he transcribed the official record.

In Joe Biden Unauthorized, Mike recounts his trips while assigned to Biden’s office, going to Ukraine, China, Turkey, and more. Deal-making in Hollywood, angry and unhinged diatribes where Joe attacks his own audiences, and policy debacles shipping American cash directly to narco traffickers in the Northern Triangle of Central America.

Behind the scenes with McCormick we see the stories on Ukraine corruption beginning in meetings in Washington D.C., how the leaders of foreign countries trapped Joe Biden into humiliating spectacles on their soil, and how Biden’s family gets entangled into the official duties of the Office of the Vice President.

Author Mike McCormick

Mike also reports on the Greatest Joe Biden Speech You Never Heard, the loving family backdrop to Biden, an intelligent, savvy politician that has long sought the presidency, but is self-sabotaged by chronic carelessness, gaffes in speeches, and vulnerabilities from encroaching age.

Mike McCormick is also the author of Fifteen Years A Deplorable: A White House Memoir, detailing his years working for Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump.

Mike lives with his wife and children in the Washington D.C., metro area.

Working for the White House in Iraq

Mike McCormick, solo stenographer supporting Vice President Dick Cheney, Al-Asad Air Base, Iraq, December 18, 2005. (White House/David Bohrer)

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