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By Mike McCormick

Mike McCormick was the White House Press Office Stenographer from 2002-2018. World traveler on Air Force One and Air Force Two, including combat zones with Oval Office and West Wing duties, 24/7, staying so late and lonely until the ghosts come out.

Mike's Latest Substack articles:

  1. Biden's sleazy man in Kyiv - 36 Hours of Corruption: Part Three @ Substack | Dec 31, 2021

    "And let me be precise, the two reporters who bought into [Ambassador] Pyatt’s 2015 coverup are Peter Baker of the New York Times and Margaret Talev, now at Axios, then at Bloomberg. High profile, very influential, supposedly respected, but either too stupid or too lazy to ask Pyatt about what Joe and Hunter were really up to with Burisma and Ukraine and what Joe knew of Burisma money transfers to Cyprus that neatly coincided with a nondescript 2014 trip he made there."

  2. Putin Invasion Solves Burisma for Joe And Other Alarming Biden Crime Family Facts @ Substack | Dec 16, 2021

    "Former WH stenographer Mike McCormick describes his time travelling with VP Joe Biden to Ukraine. Mike uses Hunter Biden's laptop to fill in key timelines in the Ukraine -Burisma saga."

  3. The Joe Biden Heavenly Hundred Lie (36 Hours of Corruption: Part Two) @ Substack | Dec 14, 2021

    "Given what I have seen in the laptop of his extensive role in his and Hunter’s cash grab with Burisma Holdings, Joe’s 2015 finger-pointing at the corruption of the Ukrainians is laughable because his is far more insidious...."

  4. Introducing Hunter’s Laptop: You've Heard About It, Now See For Yourself @ Substack | Dec 10, 2021

    You Tube video guest spot on "The No Bullshit Show" with Karina Schmidt.

  5. Body Language Much, Joe? @ Substack | Dec 6, 2021

    "In my six years working with Joe, I watched him on stage in front of audiences countless times. Whether the gathering is large or small (these days mostly small,) Joe handles himself with the polish of a TV game show host. He’s amiable, confident, and relentlessly self-promotional. Yet here he is — arms folded defensively — like someone with something to hide. ..."

  6. 36 Hours of Corruption (Part 1) @ Substack | Dec 3, 2021

    "Six years ago, almost to the day, Joe Biden’s comms team and Obama’s vaunted Office of Digital Strategy put together a short video about his fateful December 2015 trip to Ukraine titled: “36 hours in Kyiv.” Given that I was there with him and witnessed firsthand the media covering for his corruption, I think I’d better Substack publish my version of what actually transpired before the facts get lost in a Democrat/media memory hole. And, yes, this is the infamous trip during which Joe Biden took his private corruption public. ..."

  7. Institutional Racism Joe Biden Style (Part 1) @ Substack | Nov 30, 2021

    "As one of the most ambitious vice presidents in recent history, Joe Biden wanted very much to impress a national audience of Democrats. But he had to be careful. Even in death, Senator Robert C. Byrd was controversial, and downright toxic with progressives..."

  8. Hunter Biden's American Horror Story @ Substack | Nov 18, 2021

    "What’s important to me is the laptop provides evidence of Hunter and Joe breaking laws to further Joe’s lust for the presidency — because to me, that’s the global evil we now face. And I know this because I wrote a book about Joe lusting to be president and committing malfeasance in office to accomplish that well before any contents of Hunter’s laptop were made public. And now I find evidence in the laptop that corroborates what I published in my book..."

  9. Joe Biden, Pied Piper of Navobs @ Substack | Nov 15, 2021

    "The kids, about a half dozen of them, squealed in delight and then disappeared with Joe up a staircase that led to the vice president’s bedroom suite. No one else. Just them. No staff, no Secret Service agents, no parents. Joe and the children of his guests just slipped away from adult supervision and vanished up those stairs as quickly as if they had heard the Pied Piper’s flute. I was stunned..."

  10. Joe Biden's "Snake in the Bed" Daughter @ Substack | Nov 10, 2021

    "I heard him use that exact phrase to describe Ashley approximately a half dozen times when I worked in the White House as his stenographer. And he continued using it after he left office... 'a snake in the bed'..."

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DECEMBER 2021: Mike discusses his new Substack articles and the book Joe Biden Unauthorized and the 2020 Crackup of the Democratic Party with Karina Schmitt

Program description: "Former White House Aid Mike McCormick discusses unfiltered his book Joe Biden Unauthorized available on and his work around the secret life of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. We discuss Joe Biden’s involvement in money laundering, funding drug cartels, secrets that Hunter Biden’s laptop contain, and more."

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Substack: Midnight in the Laptop of Good and Evil [2021]

Joe Biden Unauthorized [2020]

15 Years a Deplorable: A White House Memoir [2019]