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By Mike McCormick

Mike McCormick was the White House Press Office Stenographer from 2002-2018. World traveler on Air Force One and Air Force Two, including combat zones with Oval Office and West Wing duties, 24/7, staying so late and lonely until the ghosts come out.

  • Biden and the Cartels: Part Five @ Substack

    August 8, 2023

    " The ugly human rights/national security crisis along our Southern Border, being that it is now overrun by drug smugglers and human traffickers, can be traced directly back to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, General John F. Kelly, and Honduran Presidents Porfirio Lobo and Orlando Hernandez"

  • General John F. Kelly was not protecting us from the cartels @ Substack

    August 7, 2023

    Video report: Memories from the White House briefing room

  • The Bidens’ Cartel Connections: Part Four – Joe’s evil “alliance for prosperity” — Gen. John Kelly helped @ Substack

    August 4, 2023

    "Despite a documented and ongoing secret Drug Enforcement Administration investigation into the cartel connections of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández, Joe Biden, starting in 2014, established the Alliance for Prosperity, which sent hundreds of millions of U.S. assistance dollars to Hernández, whom he knew was the corrupt leader of a narco-state of just over nine million people."

  • Judge Norieka stomps on Hunter and Joe’s sneaky plea deal – Great interview with Vince Coglianese on WMAL @ Substack

    July 28, 2023

    Twin videos with Mike talking about the Hunter plea deal plus the full interview with Vince Coglianese on WMAL

  • Fox Nation presents: Who is Hunter Biden? Part Four @ Substack

    July 23, 2023

    Mike: "I’ll be on Fox Nation’s documentary “Who is Hunter Biden? Part 4” on July 24th, and I’m coming in hot! If you subscribe to Fox Nation, definitely check it out."

  • The Bidens’ Cartel Connections: Part Three – Operation Anvil: Murderous Sea rampage in Honduras followed Joe’s March 2012 mysterious visit @ Substack

    July 22, 2023

    "One month after Joe Biden returned from a clandestine side trip to Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras, the U.S. State Department and Drug Enforcement Administration in Honduras collaborated with Honduran law enforcement on a drug interdiction effort code named Operation Anvil. Civilian deaths, cartel cooperation, and brazen cocaine smuggling into the United States by associates of the Honduran government were the result. "

  • Great interview with Benny Johnson – Joe and Hunter’s cartel history expanded @ Substack

    July 19, 2023

    " I had a great talk with Benny Johnson last weeks, and quite a few of you subscribed after seeing it — which is fantastic. So I’m uploading our discussion, but I’m also going to add some clarifications. Off the top of my head, it was confusing of me to say that former Honduran President Porfirio Lobo’s son was in prison and his son was assassinated last summer by a kill squad. The fact is Lobo had three sons. "

  • Latest Media Appearances

    "Ukraine prosecutor whose ouster Biden pushed was ‘threat,’ says Devon Archer"New York Post – August 4, 2023

    In addition to the prosecutor’s ouster, former White House stenographer Mike McCormick says Joe Biden advocated US support for Ukraine’s natural gas industry during a trip to Kyiv just days after Hunter quietly joined Burisma, in what he described as a clear conflict of interest.

    "Ex-White House stenographer says he witnessed a 'crime' aboard Air Force Two during Biden's vice-presidency – Former Obama White House stenographer Mike McCormick joins 'Fox & Friends First' to discuss President Biden's role in Hunter's business dealings with Ukraine"MSN Fox News – July 28, 2023

    Mike was on the Benny Johnson Show today (June 12, 2023), listen to this segment:

    Benny Johnson SHow with Mike McCormick

    Click to go to Benny Johnson Page with the interview with Mike

    Mike's Latest Substack articles archive list:

    Archive of Substack Articles

    April 21, 2023: Mike was on the Steve Bannon War Room today - we'll have clips soon.

    Mike on Capitol Report - April 21, 2023

    Capitol Report April 2023 - Epoch Times

    We hope to have a clip from the show soon.

    Mike on Fox News April 13, 2023

    See clip online at Fox News

    Mike Reported on at The Hill

    Mike at the New York Post

    April 11, 2023: Ex-White House stenographer says FBI ignored Biden’s role in son Hunter’s business dealings New York Post

    Former Obama White House stenographer Mike McCormick tells The Post that he wants to testify before the federal grand jury in Delaware considering charges against first son Hunter Biden, saying he has relevant information — ignored by the FBI — that implicates President Biden in a foreign influence-peddling “conspiracy.”

    Mike at the Daily News

    April 6, 2023: Former White House stenographer Mike McCormick told that press were briefed on Biden's strategies to boost Ukraine gas productionUK Daily Mail

    New story online at the Daily Mail relies on Mike's work to tell how:

    Hunter Biden joined the board of Ukrainian gas firm Burisma on April 18, 2014 - three days before Joe visited Ukraine as vice president and pushed for fracking

    The call for greater energy production was politically significant – and lucrative for Burisma which generated revenues of at least $400million

    Mike appearance on Liberty Sentinel

    Mike interview appearance on Liberty Sentinel with Alex- Newman - March 2023

    Chanel Rion Interview with Mike

    March 2023 interview with Chanel Rion

    Mike's Work:

    Substack: Midnight in the Laptop of Good and Evil [2023]

    Joe Biden Unauthorized [2020]

    15 Years a Deplorable: A White House Memoir [2019]

    Children's Book: Young Jesus: Faith, Family, and Affirmation for Young and Old – Brent Tor Books