By Mike McCormick

Joe Biden Unauthorized

Mike McCormick recorded the words of presidents and vice presidents for fifteen years at the White House, travelling the world on Air Force One and Air Force Two, with and without the American press along, while he transcribed the official record.
Behind the scenes with McCormick we see the stories on Ukraine corruption beginning in meetings in Washington D.C., how the leaders of foreign countries trapped Joe Biden into humiliating spectacles on their soil, and how Biden’s family gets entangled into the official duties of the Office of the Vice President.
Mike also reports on The Greatest Joe Biden Speech You Never Heard, the loving family backdrop to Biden, an intelligent, savvy politician that has long sought the presidency, but is self-sabotaged by chronic carelessness, gaffes in speeches, and vulnerabilities from encroaching age.

During Mike's fifteen years at the White House, a significant portion was spent assigned to Joe Biden. He was there for the beginning of the murky business in Ukraine; the firehosing of taxpayer dollars to Honduran drug dealers; and onsite for the humiliations given to Joe (and American prestige) by Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Recep Erdogan while Joe Biden stood impassively by.

McCormick reports on the mismanagement of the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq, deal-making in Hollywood, and the episodes of Biden confronting his own supporters with anger, confusion and inexplicable behaviors. Mike explains why the White House press has gone easy on Joe, why it has long avoided reporting on difficult episodes that often left his audiences in an uncomfortable silence.

And it’s not just the negative displays of unpresidential behavior that Mike concentrates on, but also on the fine and important good work Biden has done — some, in fact, downright ennobling. That’s in here, too.

Mike concentrates on new information from the White House archives and his own experience traveling with Team Obama and Team Biden to show how the Ukraine corruption began with unusual meetings in DC, continuing to connections in Ukraine and Cyprus.

Joe Biden wants to be president, but he can’t hide from his past, and his run for the office of president is drawing the whole Democratic Party into a trajectory of collision with reality, the Obama record, and Trump.

Joe Biden Unauthorized
By Mike McCormick, author of Fifteen Years A Deplorable: A White House Memoir, which detailed his years working For Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump.

"...Truth about our political leaders these days is hard to find, especially if you are, like me, a reasonable American disgusted by the ocean of BS we have to navigate to get it.

My case is a little different, though, because unlike most reasonable Americans, I actually worked closely with those political leaders.

I was a stenographer in the White House Press Office for the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations from 2002 to 2018.
It was an exciting job. History happened right in front of me. But then so did a lot of BS. I saw it and heard it firsthand. Much of it the media told you about, but some of it they didn’t.

That’s why I’m writing this book, to fill in that gap. And since I worked primarily for Vice President Joe Biden during the Obama years, I can tell you a lot about Middle Class Joe, the White House Optimist.

... I saw Joe Biden walk into traps, manage botched deals that left places around the world worse-off than when Biden first arrived, and so many examples of instances when Joe didn’t understand how weak and old he is, going up against faster, stronger and more lethal foreign leaders.

In the deadly world of international politics, lions eat lambs. Too often I saw that our guy was the lamb..."